7 Things to Know Before your Orlando Family Vacation

The City of Orlando, Florida offers a range in outdoor adventure, entertainment, dining, and lodging options to cater for visitors of all budgets, styles, and tastes. Orlando’s proximity to some of the most incredible beaches in North America as well as its iconic theme parks are a draw to millions of tourists from around the world every year. My friend who is a travel lover and currently working in San Diego which you can visit here. He advised me that planning your trip to Orlando can be overwhelming. Here are some of the things every traveler should keep in mind when planning for their Orlando vacation. 

Book Flights as Early as Possible

Everyone works with a budget which means you need to find a deal that will work for you. You better take your time and shop around before booking your flight. The sooner you make your flight booking the better. It’s also recommended that you book airport parking as early as possible. The idea is to save money as you’re able to get better deals with early bookings. You may want to consider your local transportation in Orlando, Florida during your visit. 

Consider Buying Tickets in Advance

There’s a good chance there are things you must-do in the Sunshine City during your vacation. Such may include exploring exhibits at museums, visiting theme parks, dinner shows, and other attractions. It’s a good idea to buy tickets in advance as you’ll get better deals than when you buy at the gate. 

Orlando Offers More than Just Theme Parks

The moment you’ll arrive in the Sunshine City is when you’ll realize you’re in the most fun destination on Earth. If you’re not careful on your planning you might just get confused on where to start your adventure. The point is there’s more to Orlando than just theme parks. So, don’t limit your family vacation to the theme parks alone. Other attractions here include beautiful botanical gardens, historic sites, museums, dance performances, antique shopping districts, pristine beaches, art institutions, and more. 

Consider Making some Dining Reservations in Advance

When it comes to dining, Orlando, Florida has so many options to choose from. If you’re looking to have some special restaurant experiences or explore character dining in this city, it is best you make advance booking. It’s not uncommon to find full-service dining locations around the theme parks full. Visitors often use the My Disney experience mobile app to make reservations at most restaurants. 

Plan for some Quiet Moments 

You also want to include some down time in your daily plans. With endless opportunities for entertainment and fun, it can be so easy to get carried away in Orlando. If you’re visiting with your children it’s best to take some time to adjust to the new environment as you refresh yourselves after your flight. Don’t arrive and just get started. Send time at a smaller theme park or hit the mall on the first day as you recharge and reenergize for the bigger attractions in the city.

Dining outside the Theme Parks can help Save Money

Dining within the theme parks in Orlando could easily double your cost of the day. Why not get to one of the restaurants outside the theme parks and have a good buffet breakfast with your family before you arrive? The restaurants outside parks offer amazing dining options which can help you save money. 

Arrive as Early as Possible

It seems like travelers should plan their visit in Orlando with some sense of time-consciousness. The fact that you’ve booked your tickets early doesn’t mean you can arrive at the main theme parks any time you want. If you’re visiting at the peak tourism season, it’s best you arrive early as you are able to do much more t the theme parks in the first hour of the day. Consider going for the big rides before the queues become longer later on. Plan to attend the shows in the afternoon hours.  

Florida as a travel destination

Florida is known as the ‘”sunshine state” and the most sort state by the affluent during winter. As par a friend of mine who works at Biotechwater, Florida attracts tourist around the globe because of its contemporary theme parks and golden beaches. You can enjoy your vacation in Florida in the seaside areas .The insight that you should be aware of, the most intriguing secrets of Florida are found in the secluded places. Visit the comfortable hotels and resorts that will offer you top-notch nightlife and dining experience. You should also allocate time to visit the swampy landscape of Peninsula that has a variety of native plants and wild creatures. You can also go to the untamed wetlands that are far away from the crowded urban areas. The wetlands will offer you a chance to participate in activities such as boat ride, kayaking among other activities.

Places to visit in Florida

There are numerous places that you can visit when spending a vacation in this state. They include:

Florida Keys

It is the most appropriate place to go for scuba diving while spending a holiday in Florida. It is an archipelago of approximately seventeen thousand islands from the southwest and south of the mainland in Florida. Here you can take part in the first fishing spots in the world.

Key West

It is located at one hundred and forty meters from Cuba. It isn’t a place that experiences an influx of tourists because it offers you the everyday pleasure of living on an Island. The pleasures include snorkeling in pure clean waters. You can enjoy the local culture of Florida at the restaurants and the exotic bars on the main streets.

Florida Panhandle

You should include this coastline in your itinerary when you are visiting Florida. Enjoy your holiday as you explore the three hundred and twenty-two kilometer of perfect white sand beaches. It is home to many seafood cafes and waterfront shops.

Miami Beach

It is a town of many coastal resorts that make it a locale of high-end vacations. It offers you with alluring mix hotels, boutiques, chic restaurants, and upscale shops. It has a lot of beach activities that you can hardly exhaust in one day. A visit to Miami Beach will be one to remember in your lifetime.

Popular tourist attractions in Florida

Among them you can visit:

Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Resort is the world’s largest vacation resort, which has four theme parks, five golf courses, two water parks, and a massive entertainment and shopping place. Magic Kingdom Park is within the complex, and it features six lands that are magical and based on the Cinderella film of the tale on the fair castle.


Florida is a place to visit even with your whole family because there are activities and places that you can explore as a family. Whenever you want to visit Florida, you can research and plan your visit before traveling to the state. If you visit during the high season, you will pay more for most of the activities and accommodation. You should book the events you want to indulge in advance to avoid the long ques.

Experience Unforgettable Desert Journey in Wadi Rum

It is far south of Jordan and also known as a delightful place where large rocky outcrops rise wonderfully out of the desert floor. The rocks have the display of melting chocolate, and the colors in the sandstone are like a muted earthy rainbow. It is a landscape like no other. According to my friend who visited this place with his family. I met him at Carrie Muzny and asked about this place. He said that the desert’s ability to both fry and chill – yet breathtaking. The endless, orderly and ever-changing sand dunes reflect the fascination of the desert adventure and the sun beating against them forms mysterious and confusing shapes to deceive those who dream of conquering the desert.

Camel ride

Some desert adventures are quests; Wadi Rum is one of the most spectacular desert locations in Jordan, hire a local Bedouin guide and go on a two or three-day trek by camel and sleep under the stars. Ride the desert through deep red rock canyons and ascend the lofty heights of enormous rippled dunes. On the very edge and marveled at the scenery below, you will see the Seven Pillars of Wisdom made famous by T.E Lawrence and pass the secret water springs used only by the Bedouin; you will also see and pass camel trains and goat herders, and the rock paintings thousands of years old.


Camping in the desert is quite fantastic fun, and you will be surprised at how comfortable you will forget about your complicated life at home and wanted to stay in the desert forever with few or little possessions. You will be fed with sufficient freshly cooked delicious food, and wine, beer, and soft drinks are provided too. A visitor from a member of a local tribe might stop by, and you’ll have an enjoyable and spontaneous evening learning more about the Bedouin way of life all while sitting around the fire exchanging stories. Men usually sing love songs to the horses to keep them calm.

Sleep under the stars

Although tents are provided, it would be wonderful if you put your sleeping bags on the rocks or just on the lovely soft sand. Stay on the high rocky ledge and lay there watching the bright stars shooting across the sky and feel completely at one with the mysterious nature of Wadi Rum.


A desert adventure through the Moroccan Sahara is very different to a walk up a mountain; you have to be open to some serious self-reflection; the vista’s stimulus is unchanging but relentless. The Wadi Rum package tour is inclusive of shelter in two of their traditional tents, authentic Bedouin meals, and facilitated hikes, rock climbing, camel rides, and even ballooning! Wadi Rum, a gateway for travelers for thousands of years, bristled with memorable adventures. Many rock formations sported etched rock drawings that gave voice to adventure travelers from long ago.

Best Things to see and Do in Argentina

Argentina. A great place to stay, and an even better place to visit as a tourist. A friend at Henderson Yoga told me that, the thing is that people don’t really think about Argentina when they consider different countries to visit. Then, they are thinking about the more popular countries like Europe, the United Kingdom, and even the USA. But, not many people are considering Argentina. But, this is the one place that you should try to visit.

There are many things that you can see and do there, that are special and that will ensure that you have the best possible time. Here are some things that you can see and do there, so that you can get an idea about Argentina and why this is such a great country to visit.

It has one of the seven wonders of the world

This is something that most people are interested in. To see the seven wonders of the world. Argentina has one of them. It is called the Iguazú Falls in Argentina’s North. This is for sure something that you should see.

This fall is located in the middle of a rainforest. The falls are so beautiful that it is hard to describe. This is just something that you need to see to understand why this is one of the seven wonders of the world. You can’t leave Argentina without seeing this wonder. It is a sight that you will never forget again.

Great winery and wine tasting

Something that is important to know is that Argentina is one of the best places for wine tasting and exploring winery. This is one thing that people love to do. Especially, those people that love drinking wine. This is something that will ensure that you know exactly what wine you should purchase before you are going home again.

The only negative thing about the wine tasting is that this isn’t something that children can do with their parents. So, this might mean that you should organize a nanny for them before you can start exploring the vineyards and the winery.

Awesome mountains to climb

Argentina is full of wonderful mountains. Mountains that you can climb and explore. Depending on the type of mountain that you are going to climb, this is something that you can do as a whole family.

There are trails that are ideal for families and there are trails that are more ideal for the more experienced climbers. So, you will not have a boring day when you are going to Argentina. Especially if you love the outdoors and hiking trails and mountain climbing.

These are just a couple of things that you can do and see when you are going to Argentina for a holiday. Tourists are going to this country on a regular basis, because of all the unique things you can see and do there. If you are wondering what country you should visit next, then you should make sure that you are considering Argentina.