Experience Unforgettable Desert Journey in Wadi Rum

It is far south of Jordan and also known as a delightful place where large rocky outcrops rise wonderfully out of the desert floor. The rocks have the display of melting chocolate, and the colors in the sandstone are like a muted earthy rainbow. It is a landscape like no other. According to my friend who visited this place with his family. I met him at Carrie Muzny and asked about this place. He said that the desert’s ability to both fry and chill – yet breathtaking. The endless, orderly and ever-changing sand dunes reflect the fascination of the desert adventure and the sun beating against them forms mysterious and confusing shapes to deceive those who dream of conquering the desert.

Camel ride

Some desert adventures are quests; Wadi Rum is one of the most spectacular desert locations in Jordan, hire a local Bedouin guide and go on a two or three-day trek by camel and sleep under the stars. Ride the desert through deep red rock canyons and ascend the lofty heights of enormous rippled dunes. On the very edge and marveled at the scenery below, you will see the Seven Pillars of Wisdom made famous by T.E Lawrence and pass the secret water springs used only by the Bedouin; you will also see and pass camel trains and goat herders, and the rock paintings thousands of years old.


Camping in the desert is quite fantastic fun, and you will be surprised at how comfortable you will forget about your complicated life at home and wanted to stay in the desert forever with few or little possessions. You will be fed with sufficient freshly cooked delicious food, and wine, beer, and soft drinks are provided too. A visitor from a member of a local tribe might stop by, and you’ll have an enjoyable and spontaneous evening learning more about the Bedouin way of life all while sitting around the fire exchanging stories. Men usually sing love songs to the horses to keep them calm.

Sleep under the stars

Although tents are provided, it would be wonderful if you put your sleeping bags on the rocks or just on the lovely soft sand. Stay on the high rocky ledge and lay there watching the bright stars shooting across the sky and feel completely at one with the mysterious nature of Wadi Rum.


A desert adventure through the Moroccan Sahara is very different to a walk up a mountain; you have to be open to some serious self-reflection; the vista’s stimulus is unchanging but relentless. The Wadi Rum package tour is inclusive of shelter in two of their traditional tents, authentic Bedouin meals, and facilitated hikes, rock climbing, camel rides, and even ballooning! Wadi Rum, a gateway for travelers for thousands of years, bristled with memorable adventures. Many rock formations sported etched rock drawings that gave voice to adventure travelers from long ago.

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